Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wall Hanging.....


Make this quilt for my hubby....sama macam bunny quilt juga..just need to basting with backing and batting and then can wrapped it nicely for him..heheh

Christmas is around the corner....!!!!!


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ira said...

hi there!

oh my!this is SO COOL and pretty!
reminds me of a scene in 'step mom'movie,where Susan Sarandon gave a quilt picture just like that to her daughter.:)

Alicia said...

tantek bangat!

soomi + shanthy said...

agreed with ira, it reminds me to the stepmom movie. btw, how did u print all the adorable pictures on fabric? any special paper/tracing required?

btw,all ur artwork is awesome!


Maya said...

wah cantik & sweet & nice & cool.. & semua yg sewaktu dengannya... bagusnya idea..

tu print atas fabric ke?

Janovi said...

Very interesting keepsake!! Might try to do one myself!! I also like the bunny quilt. Could I get the pattern from you? Thought of making one for my friend's first grandchild!! Thanks

Truly Jaja : My Journal said...

faridah..bila nak ada projek baru.hari2 sy datang jenguk,looking for your new outcomes.